We are not sale anything, but we can help you inport something from China. ENELTEC is a professional trading company till 2009, we do sourcing research, contract negotation, on-site inspection and warranty claim for our customers throughout the world. We aim to help our customers saving cost, buying better quality products, getting better delivery time and control the cash flow.


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8 TY320 bulldozers are exported overseas in batches

According to foreign sources on the 29th, China Weapon No. 1 Machinery Group, its subsidiary China Weapon No. 1 Xugong Special Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China No. 1 Xugong Machinery Co., Ltd.), has officially announced its export of 8 TY320 bulldozers overseas. According to official sources, the bulldozer exported by XCMG, the […]

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India’s epidemic intensifies shortage of anti-epidemic medical supplies

On April 25, when the Indian Central Government convened the chief ministers of the severely affected states to discuss countermeasures, the person in charge, Vinod Paul, pointed out that Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and New Delhi will become the newest cases by the end of this month. In fast-track areas, it is estimated that when the […]

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What new changes will RCEP bring?

On April 15, China formally deposited the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” (RCEP) approval letter with the Secretary-General of ASEAN. This not only marks China’s formal completion of the RCEP approval process, but also means that the economic integration of the Asia-Pacific region has taken an important step forward. At present, China has basically completed […]

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