We are not sale anything, but we can help you inport something from China. ENELTEC is a professional trading company till 2009, we do sourcing research, contract negotation, on-site inspection and warranty claim for our customers throughout the world. We aim to help our customers saving cost, buying better quality products, getting better delivery time and control the cash flow.


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Brazil’s exports to China keep growing

On June 17, local time, Brazilian Minister of Economy Geddes said at a local economic forum that during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Brazil’s exports to many countries have declined, but exports to China have shown an upward trend. The Brazilian economy has a key impact. Guedes pointed out that due to the impact of […]

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Ministry of Commerce of China: Exports in the first half of the year are expected to continue good momentum

Gao Feng, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce of China, said on Thursday that from the survey of localities, industries, and enterprises, China’s exports are expected to continue to maintain a good momentum in the first half of the year; the Ministry of Commerce will continue to do a good job in maintaining the […]

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German exports to the U.S. surged nearly 41% year-on-year in May

The German Statistics Office said on Thursday that, thanks to strong demand for goods, German exports to the United States in May increased by nearly 41% compared with the same period last year, reaching 9.1 billion euros. According to the Statistics Bureau, German exports to China increased by 17.7% year-on-year to 8.4 billion euros. The […]

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