We are not sale anything, but we can help you inport something from China. ENELTEC is a professional trading company till 2009, we do sourcing research, contract negotation, on-site inspection and warranty claim for our customers throughout the world. We aim to help our customers saving cost, buying better quality products, getting better delivery time and control the cash flow.


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In 2022, the export value of China’s lithium-ion battery industry will reach a new high

Batteries can be divided into chemical batteries, physical batteries and biological batteries according to the original energy that generates electrical energy. At present, chemical batteries are the most widely used batteries and are closely related to human social and economic activities. They are also the main types of battery exports in my country. Among them, […]

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Exports of “stay-at-home economy” products decline

“Home economy” refers to all consumption that can be generated without leaving home, including e-commerce, household appliances, audio-visual entertainment, and other industries. As “home life” has brought fire to the “home economy”, a number of new business formats have ushered in explosive growth. In order to comply with this trend, many domestic brands are also […]

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The bilateral trade volume between China and the UK has once again set a new historical record

On January 17, the Institute for Advanced Study of Regional and Global Governance at Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Centre for British Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University, the British Studies Branch of the China European Society and the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House jointly released the British Blue Book: UK Development Report (2020-2021) “. […]

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