2016 letter of insurance coverage of trade services amounted to 23.04 billion US dollars

2016 letter of insurance coverage of trade services amounted to 23.04 billion US dollars

June 5, China Credit Insurance relevant person in charge said that in 2016 China’s credit insurance services trade amounted to 23.04 billion US dollars, to pay $ 6.41 million US dollars of service trade enterprises, the country’s 28 business institutions have achieved trade in services underwriting, risk protection Covering services such as logistics and transportation services, construction and engineering services, information and communication services, technology trade, intellectual property services, cultural and entertainment services, business services and tourism services. China’s letter to protect the policy-oriented role in supporting China’s trade in goods and capital exports at the same time, the service trade as a key support areas, and actively promote China’s foreign trade transformation and upgrading of the supply side of the structural reform.

Popular science fiction so far “three body” is the Chinese cultural products “going out” and get a strong response to the typical representative. A domestic book publishing agency using the China Credit Insurance to provide short-term export credit insurance, the success of the “three”, “waste”, “Wolf Totem” and other books in English copyright output. The novel “three body” not only to achieve the first overseas release, the English version also won the internationally renowned science fiction award “Hugo Award”, the global sales is breaking the 250,000 copies. China’s cultural publishing institutions use international practice, through the export credit insurance successfully open overseas markets, so that China’s outstanding cultural products to the international has become a reality.

Overseas project contracting is a comprehensive carrier of trade in goods and services, and also a strong international competitiveness in China’s trade in services. For overseas project contracting projects, China letter to further simplify the approval process, appropriate to relax the underwriting conditions, reduce the insurance rate, better meet the enterprise risk control and financing needs. Data show that in 2016, China Credit Insurance to support Chinese enterprises to build 142 overseas projects, a record high, the amount of insurance reached 22.03 billion US dollars.

Laotian special economic zone is one of the major projects in which Chinese enterprises are involved in the construction of “one way along the way”.

At first, due to the domestic contractor’s bank financing, project negotiations have been unable to advance. China letter to understand the situation, immediately sent to visit the Laos study project and carry out market assessment work. China’s letter of credit to participate in the project after the full play a leading role, directly to the project owners to work to help enterprises design financing programs, the implementation of risk control measures. In the unremitting efforts of China Credit Insurance, enterprises in the negotiations not only won the SAR highway project, also added the international commercial and financial center project, the total contract more than 150 million US dollars. Through the innovative service model, China SINO not only help enterprises to resolve the “financing difficult” problem, but also for enterprises to expand the new business channels and development space.

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