2017 Beijing International Service Trade Fair signed about 71.28 billion US dollars in 5 days

2017 Beijing International Service Trade Fair signed about 71.28 billion US dollars in 5 days

From May 28 to June 1, the 2017 Beijing International Service Trade Fair held in the National Convention Center. During 5 days, the trade attracted 96 countries and regions, 72,000 businessmen exhibitors. In 5 million square meters exhibition, the meeting focus on science and technology, Internet and information, culture and education, finance, business and tourism, health care six key areas; 85 forums and discuss trading activities in-depth exchange the idea of “open, innovation, integration”. Around the service industry to expand, adhere to “along the way” to deploy the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other major national development. Until June 1, the current session reached 241 cooperation projects and the intention to sign $ 71.28 billion.

In the fair, the Beijing service industry expands the opening of a comprehensive pilot demonstration area. Zhang Gong, executive vice mayor of Beijing, said: “The pilot work in Beijing has made positive progress and has formed a system of innovation that can be replicated and promoted. It has spawned financial, tourism, culture, health care, Internet and information services and other areas of the 10 kinds of forms, the initial construction of the characteristics of China, the characteristics of the capital, the characteristics of the service industry development mechanism. In 2016 Beijing achieve the growing value of the service sector, nearly 2 trillion RMB, accounting for 80% of the proportion of GDP. The total trade volume of more than 150 billion US dollars, ranking the forefront of the country. In 2017 Beijing will continue to introduce a new round of services to expand the opening of the measures.

Committed to promoting the development of services and services trade, service national industrial restructuring. The international trade in services forms the capital characteristics and attract global attention. China attaches great importance to the development of services and services trade, and continuously promote the expansion of service industry and service trade innovation. “The 2017 Beijing International Trade in Services Fair, as an international platform, has played a huge role in promoting business cooperation and intergovernmental business talks,” said Mina Martha Yale, the representative of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

In the past, the rapid growth of manufacturing industry, which supported China’s 30 years of prosperity; now trade in services is becoming a new impetus to growth. It will serve the national supply side of the structural reform, to serve the new pattern of global trade, traction of economic development and “win-win” environmental protection future.

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