30% of China’s imported corn comes from Ukraine

30% of China's imported corn comes from Ukraine

Russia occupies a pivotal position in the global energy market including crude oil and natural gas, and Ukraine, known as the “granary of Europe”, is an important grain exporter in the world. , -0.16%) trade pattern has an impact.

30% of my country’s imported corn comes from Ukraine.

A shares of agricultural products rose sharply

According to CCTV Finance, Ukraine is one of the main source countries of my country’s corn imports. According to customs data, in 2021, my country will import 8.24 million tons of corn from Ukraine, accounting for 29.07%. It is understood that my country’s imported corn is mainly used for feed processing. The corn imported from Ukraine mainly departs from the port of Kyiv and is transported by sea to various ports in the eastern and southern parts of our country.

Importers told reporters that they are more worried about price changes than shipping schedules. Recently, the import price of corn has continued to rise. From 1,900 RMB per ton at the end of last year, it has risen to the current 2,600 RMB per ton.

CCTV Finance quoted expert analysis that once the conflict intensifies, it will continue to push up the price of corn imports in the short term.