4% of Peruvian footwear relies on imports

4% of Peruvian footwear relies on imports

According to a report compiled by the South American Overseas Chinese News Agency, the chairman of the Brazilian Footwear Association Haroldo Ferreira recently said that in 2018, Peru ’s footwear imports were 49.2 million pairs, an increase of 9% year-on-year, and footwear consumption exceeded 116 million pairs, which means imported shoes The category accounts for 42% of the Peruvian footwear market.

According to the Peruvian website “larepublica.pe”, Ferreira stated that China is the largest footwear supplier in Peru. In 2018, Peru imported 31.4 million pairs of footwear from China, while Brazil exported 4.9 million pairs and With an export value of 38.9 million US dollars, it has become Peru’s third-largest footwear supplier.

Ferreira pointed out that the Peru market has huge growth potential. From January to October this year, Brazil exported 4 million pairs of shoes to Peru with an export value of 30 million US dollars. Peru has become the ninth largest export destination of Brazilian footwear; In terms of price, the average price of footwear exported by Brazil to Peru is $ 7.7, which is lower than the average export price of $ 8.5.

In addition, the average annual consumption of footwear in Peru is 3.6 pairs, which is higher than the average of 2.8 pairs in Latin America.

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