Advantages of China’s Service Trade in Machinery Manufacturing

Advantages of China's Service Trade in Machinery Manufacturing

1, The current attention of the world’s developed countries, most concentrated in the field of high-tech, no longer too much human, material and financial resources to the traditional machinery manufacturing industry. Especially for the traditional machinery manufacturing technology exports, no longer have too many restrictions. Because for them, these technologies have not brought the opportunity to excess profits. However, for China, such a large developing country, these technologies may be much more advanced than our existing technology, so that we can use a very small price, get a lot of things for us, in order to achieve the technical relative across.

2, China’s traditional machinery manufacturing industry, there is a certain basis, on this basis, through the introduction of technology or self-invention and creation, in some key technologies have greatly improved, the product quality and quantity will have a larger Increase; on the contrary, all give up our traditional machinery manufacturing industry, the world’s developed countries as the pursuit of high-tech, neither realistic nor pay a high price.

3, Developed countries continue to engage in traditional manufacturing, has no competitiveness, the key is the cost of their products is too high, so that the lack of competitiveness of products. The situation in China is different, the average wage of Chinese workers engaged in traditional manufacturing, less than one-tenth of the developed countries, which determines China to continue to engage in traditional manufacturing, will have a great market competitiveness.

According to the traditional Chinese manufacturing competitive advantage, we put forward the strategy of technological leap: independent and leap and imitate the two sides; technology across the strategy approach is: look at the world, marry national conditions, bring the best, integrated, innovation and improve.

Looking at the world, that is, our eyes should be in the world, a lot of technology in the country may be considered very advanced, but in the whole world, it is quite backward. Therefore, it should be out of the country, take the initiative to the world developed countries to learn, is more different developed countries, advanced technology and equipment, so that the chest number; combined with national conditions, brought the best, is based on their own national conditions, through the introduction of absorption, It is the most suitable for their own technology, equipment, products; integrated and integrated, that is, from a different country equipment, a variety of components integrated together; innovation to improve their own inventions into the equipment manufacturing, so talent truly get their own intellectual property products.

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