Advantages of Chinese machinery

Advantages of Chinese machinery

China pavilions trade talks and technical exchanges are very active, exhibitors harvest quite productive, many products to achieve sales intentions. Such as Xugong Group exhibited four products at the end of the show all achieved sales, including CV100D vibratory roller was also ordered by the US customers 16.

The expert analysis, the Chinese exhibitors products and domestic industry compared to the overall performance, appearance modeling, control system can be said to be in a leading position, compared with similar foreign products, both in performance and appearance, are relatively close , The control system and function are basically at the same level. Such as XCMG’s US distributor INTENSUS Xugong on the booth layout of the breakthrough expressed gratitude, the product of technological progress that recognition, in particular, that the car crane and loader product design, appearance quality and production process is close to or to the international market level.

But the reliability of Chinese products than foreign advanced level is much lower, China’s export products, the foreign most value is the reliability. In addition, the domestic product and foreign product gap is also reflected in the design details. Domestic products from the accessories and foreign almost the same, the structure is quite similar, but fine and foreign products are very different. In addition to the gap in the production of structural technology, the design details of the Chinese enterprises to consider there is no foreign comprehensive.

If the product maintenance, foreign products in the need for up and down maintenance, can be seen to facilitate the device, the hood can be fully opened to achieve full exposure of the engine and hydraulic pump, easy maintenance. In product safety design, product warning signs complete, do not read the instructions, you can understand the precautions. A manual pump, such as VIBROMAX, is fitted with an emergency-open brake on the machine. A warning mark is attached to the manual pump to inform the user of the circumstances under which the manual pump is used.

Heat balance problem is a worldwide problem, improve the design of the cooling system is the characteristics of this exhibition products, Caterpillar loader, JOHNDEER loader, VOLVO loaders are independent cooling system. With the environmental requirements of the engine is getting higher and higher, independent cooling system in the loaders, graders, excavators and other equipment has been very common application, international multinational companies are this as a major publicity point, represents the development trend, Should cause the Chinese enterprises a high degree of attention and should be carried out as soon as possible research.

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