An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Competitiveness of China’s Tourism Service Trade

An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Competitiveness of China's Tourism Service Trade

Tourism trade is the fastest growing and most promising industry in the world today. In 1980, the total revenue of the global tourism services trade was only 1010.16 billion US dollars, in 1990 increased to 266.55 billion US dollars in 1998 to 439 billion US dollars in 2003 to 514 billion US dollars, the average annual growth rate of 6.6%. Exports of world tourism services increased to US $ 685 billion in 2005, with an annual growth rate of 8%, of which 9% in 1990-1995; 3% in 1995 to 2000; 7% increase from 2000 to 2005.

China has a good natural resources and human resources, only the UNESCO World Heritage List 2000 list of 690 world heritage, China accounted for 72, ranking third in the world. ① The research shows that the number of tourism resources in China’s natural and humanities ranks first in the world more than that of the United States, Spain and France. Has such a rich tourism resources, why China in the tourism service trade competitiveness has been lagging behind some tourism power? What are the factors that affect the competitiveness of China’s tourism services trade? In this context, the study of China’s tourism service trade competitiveness of the factors, for the “Eleventh Five-Year” period of China’s tourism industry and the comprehensive development of tourism trade competitiveness is undoubtedly an important theoretical significance and reference value.

For a long time due to the imperfect statistical system, China’s tourism industry-related indicators are not uniform standards, coupled with the tourism industry itself, the specificity of the relevant data can not be specific. This paper will mainly measure the influence of tourism industry organization, human resource situation and tourism traffic on the competitiveness of tourism service trade in China, and put forward the relevant data on the basis of this paper. Measures to Improve the Competitiveness of China ‘s Tourism Service Trade.

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