Analysis of China’s Trade in Service

Analysis of China's Trade in Service

Global service market situation is complex, both opportunities and challenges. From the side of the challenge, the global demand for services showed a contraction trend. Since 2015, the world economic recovery is still insufficient, the goods trade continued to grow at a low rate, the global shipping industry in the doldrums, the financial market risk has risen, emerging markets and developing countries and regions generally face the impact of economic downturn, Open with a cautious attitude.

Sub-sectors, financial services, cross-border mergers and acquisitions slowdown, real estate and transport services cross-border M & A strong performance. Traditional services are still the main areas of cross-border investment in the next period. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Trade Report 2016, the top five of the most attractive industries in the future are the four most attractive industries. , Multinational direct investment to developing countries will also focus on traditional services such as construction, hotel and hotel services, transportation and warehousing. With the continuous breakthrough in artificial intelligence and communication technology, cross-border transactions in emerging services such as information technology and computer services, communications, and consulting will continue to be active.

China’s service trade environment is constantly optimized, the development potential is huge. First, the rapid growth of services for the development of trade services to lay a good foundation. At present, China is in the critical stage of economic restructuring and upgrading. The industrial base of service trade development is growing, and new forms of business and business models based on Internet information technology are emerging. The offshore service outsourcing business and cross-border e-commerce are developing rapidly.

On the whole, although there are some difficulties and challenges in the external environment, China’s import and export of services is in the golden period of rapid development. The industrial base has been continuously improved, the policy support has been strengthened, the international market has become more diversified, and the rapid growth of the import and export of services has been created. A good environment, to promote the sustainable development of service trade development potential, the importance of China’s foreign trade will continue to improve.

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