Brazilian regulatory authorities approve the import of Chinese vaccines

Brazilian regulatory authorities approve the import of Chinese vaccines

Just after Brazilian President Bolsonaro declared that he would not allow the import of the new crown vaccine from China, the country’s health regulatory agency approved the import of a batch of vaccines from China for testing on Friday.

Brazil’s National Health Supervision Agency (Anvisa) said in a statement that the Butantan Institute, a biomedical research institution in So Paulo State, has obtained a special permit to import 6 million doses from China’s Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Company. The vaccine CoronaVac developed for Phase III trials.

Stated that because the vaccine has not yet been approved by the local authorities, Brazilians cannot yet be vaccinated with this vaccine that may be available in the future.

Earlier this week, Bolsonaro refused to import the Kelly vaccine, saying that it would not allow Brazilians to be tested. This remark has raised questions from outsiders. Prior to this, the Brazilian Minister of Health Eduardo Pazuello (Eduardo Pazuello) has agreed to purchase the Kelly vaccine produced by the Butantan Institute in Brazil.

Antonio Elcio Franco, executive secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, issued a statement that Wednesday this was a misunderstanding. He said that Brazil has no intention of buying vaccines from China and will only use the “Brazilian vaccine” produced by the Butantan Institute.

The Brazilian Presidential Office did not immediately comment on the approval of the Brazilian National Health Supervision Agency to import the Coxing Zhongwei vaccine.

Earlier, Dimas Covas, director of the Butantin Institute, told Brazil’s “S?o Paulo Page” that the National Health Supervision Bureau refused to approve the import of Kerlaifu from China’s Coxing Zhongwei in order to produce local vaccines in Brazil.

Brazil’s National Health Supervision Agency said in a separate statement on Friday that after analysis, it found some problems in the application.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro often expresses his distrust of China. He said in a radio interview on Thursday: “We will not buy (the vaccine) from China. Because of its origin, I don’t believe it can bring people enough sense of security. This is our idea… Certainly, other vaccines under development can be scientifically proven.”

In June this year, the Brazilian government announced an agreement with Oxford University and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals to purchase 100 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine.

Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit by the new crown epidemic. At least 5.36 million people have been infected with the virus and 157,000 people have died.

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