Canada’s pork exports to China will surge 60% next year

Canada's pork exports to China will surge 60% next year

Due to the large shortage of Chinese pork caused by African swine fever and the sharp increase in demand for foreign pork imports, Canadian pork exporters have benefited. The industry expects that pork exports to China will increase by 60% next year.

China is the world ’s largest consumer of pork, and Canada was originally the country that imported pork from China. However, China announced in June last year that it banned Canadian meat imports, and the industry was very nervous. Meat producers are relieved.

China lacks 30 million tons of pork annually

“Business has been moving at full speed since the lifting of the ban,” said Richard Davies, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Olymel LP, Canada’s largest Chinese pork supplier, in Quebec, Canada. Saint-Hyacinthe has 4 factories that export pork to China. Davis said that the company will complete the acquisition of another pork producer, F. Menard, in January, and that there will be a fifth plant to sell pork products to China. “China is in great demand now and we are trying to get as much meat as possible,” he said.

If it were not for a sudden ban this year, pork exports to China would be surprisingly high this year. Because the total value of Canadian pork exported to China in 2018 has reached 514.3 million RMB, and before the ban was issued in June, the total value of exports this year has reached 419 million RMB.

It is estimated that China consumes up to 50 million tons of pork annually, while China’s pork shortage is between 20 and 30 million tons. World pork exports are only 10 million tons, and Canada is 1 million tons.

John Ross, executive director of the Canadian Pork Association, said: “The amount of pork produced in China takes a long time to recover. So Canadian pork exports to China will have a very strong growth period of two to three years.”

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