China crawler crane export Kenya

China crawler crane export Kenya

‘The export to Kenya is the first single overseas export of crawler crane 4.0 products,’ the worker introduced.

It is understood that the ZCC2600 crawler crane is a new generation of medium-tonnage 4.0 product with many years of experience in R&D, design, and production. The ZCC2600 crawler crane integrates advanced technologies such as structural optimization, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent control, and information interconnection, and has the ability to perform lifting operations. Leading, convenient, high-efficiency, intelligentization and other features have made it popular among users since it was launched in the domestic market.

‘The speed of its mechanism has been increased by 20%; the maximum single piece transport weight of the machine is 30.5 tons, the transport width is 3 meters, and it meets the requirements of the new road regulations, and the transport passability is high; and the ZCC 2600 is also equipped with a full-field operation room, operation buttons, The switches are centrally arranged, easily reachable, and all types of personnel can be easily operated; all-around air conditioning outlets guarantee a comfortable operating space, said an engineer at Zoomlion Construction Crane Branch.

With the spread of word of mouth, overseas orders for ZCC2600 crawler cranes are also coming. “The ZCC2600 is Zoomlion’s first overseas crawler crane 4.0 product, marking a major breakthrough in Zoomlion’s crawler crane 4.0 product in overseas markets. In 2018, we will establish a high-end brand image in the global market, further To increase the added value and market position of products, said the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Engineering Crane Branch.

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