China-EU economic and trade exchanges buck the trend in the epidemic

China-EU economic and trade exchanges buck the trend in the epidemic

According to Ambassador Zhang Ming, head of the Chinese mission to the European Union, the epidemic broke out in China at the beginning of this year, and the European Union and its member states provided China with 56 tons of anti-epidemic materials. Afterwards, European countries broke out epidemics, and the Chinese people overcome their own difficulties and continue to provide Europe with anti-epidemic materials. According to statistics, in the first eight months of this year, the 27 EU countries imported various anti-epidemic materials from China worth 32.2 billion euros, of which masks accounted for 92% of EU imports and ventilators accounted for 62%.

Nowadays, with the advent of vaccines and countries around the world focusing on the post-epidemic recovery, China and Europe need each other more.

“Never give up” in the face of the epidemic

The epidemic has disrupted the global production and supply chains, and China and Europe will never leave.

On March 13, Fosun Pharma became a strategic partner of German biotech company in China to jointly develop a new coronavirus vaccine in China.

On June 23, France ushered in the first Sino-French anti-epidemic material train. The train from Nanchang took 19 days, spanning tens of thousands of kilometers, and arrived in Paris with anti-epidemic materials worth tens of millions of euros, leading to the “destiny bond” of fighting the epidemic together.

Terespol, a small border town in Poland with a population of less than 6,000, is the first stop for the China-Europe Railway Express to enter the European Union. Every day, 10 to 20 China-Europe Railway Express passes here. “With the advantage of the EU portal, Terespol has benefited a lot from the development of the’Belt and Road’ and China-Europe Railway Express.” Mayor Jacek Daneruk told Reference News.

Minister Xia Xiang of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Mission to the European Union said that a large proportion of the core components of key equipment such as ventilators used by China to fight the new crown pneumonia are imported from Europe; and German mask manufacturers rely on Chinese equipment and Raw materials, greatly increase the production capacity of masks, and make an important contribution to Europe’s fight against the epidemic.

During the epidemic, the China-Europe Express trains achieved a contrarian growth in traffic volume thanks to the unique advantages of segmented transportation and no personnel quarantine. Recently, trains such as “Audi Imported Trains” and “Polish Dairy Special Trains” have continuously transported high-quality European products to China. Approximately 4 million parcels purchased online by European consumers on Double Eleven this year were also delivered to Europe via the China-Europe Express.

On December 14, the “Xuzhou” China-Europe Express train carrying 46 TEUs of export goods departed from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province to Duisburg, Germany. This marked the first launch of the China-Europe Express from Xuzhou to Duisburg. The train mainly carries more than ten types of industrial products, such as auto parts, home appliances, and textile products, with a value of more than 11 million RMB. On the same day, the X8020 train carrying 88 TEUs of export goods departed from Zhejiang Jinhua South Station to Durge, France, marking the successful operation of the 400th Jinhua China-Europe Railway this year (including the direction of Central Asia).

According to data from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., as of November 5, the China-Europe railway has opened more than 10,000 trains this year, reaching 10180 trains, transporting 927,000 TEUs of containers, a year-on-year increase of 54%, reaching 21 European countries, and stabilizing the international industrial chain. The supply chain, helping Europe and Central Asia to fight the epidemic, restore economic and social order, and support the “Belt and Road” construction has provided important support.