China exports first laser equipment

China exports first laser equipment

India, as a Southeast Asian country, once claimed to be the third in the world and was called the “three brother” by the outside world. However, India’s comprehensive national strength is not as powerful as its propaganda. For example, India-made fighter planes have suffered multiple crashes. In addition, the Indian military has recently ordered hundreds of Indian-made fighter planes in order to improve the capabilities of domestic military factories. This has scared the Indian Air Force pilots.

In addition, India has been committed to building high-speed railways in China for many years. However, due to limited technology, many technical difficulties cannot be overcome, and ultimately Japan can only turn to Japan for help. Surprisingly, Japan’s high-speed rail technology is limited and cannot fulfill the Indian high-speed rail dream. In the end, India can only ask China for help. According to reports, China recently exported a large-scale laser cutting and welding integrated machine to India. This equipment is also the first export of China.

After India imported this set of Chinese-made laser equipment, it can save a lot of time in the production of train cars. Usually, it takes 24 hours to complete the welding of a car by hand. If you use the Chinese laser cutting and welding integrated equipment, this time will be greatly shortened. And this is also a huge improvement in China and India’s high-speed rail cooperation projects. India was reluctant to invite China to participate in high-speed rail projects.

Chinese technology has gained worldwide recognition in the fields related to high-speed rail construction, and even the American high-speed rail technology cannot be compared with China. It can be said that China claims to be second in high-speed rail technology, and no country dares to claim first. At present, the maximum speed of China Fuxing can reach 350km / h. This data looks at the world, and few countries can reach it.

It is worth noting that after the import of Chinese laser equipment by India this time, perhaps the dream of high-speed rail for many years will eventually be realized, and in this process, China has a vital role to play. Without China’s help, India’s high-speed rail will be a piece of paper. Empty talk.

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