China exports the second ship to Malaysia

China exports the second ship to Malaysia

On July 12, the Shuangliu Shipyard of Wuhan Shipbuilding Group of China held a ceremony to announce the second “Keris” (Malay Sword)-class Bohai mission ship “Sunday” of the Royal Malaysian Navy (one of the three swords used in Malaysia). ) Launched.

The “Keris” class Bohai Mission Ship (LMS) is part of the Malaysian Navy’s Reconstruction Plan, which is called “15-to-5” and will reduce the type of warships from 15 to 5.

According to the plan, Malaysia will eliminate a large number of old ships, and concentrate on purchasing and manufacturing five new types of warships, including Bohai Mission Ship (LMS), Multifunctional Support Ship (MRSS), Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), new type. Patrol ship (GPV), submarine (S). Among them, the “Bohai Mission Ship” plans to order 18 ships, and the first four ships are jointly developed and manufactured by China and Malaysia.

The “Keris” class Bohai mission ship is more like an offshore patrol ship in terms of performance. The ship has a displacement of 780 tons, a total length of 69 meters, a draught of 2.6 meters, a maximum speed of 24 knots, an endurance of 2000 nautical miles, a self-sustaining force of 15 days, and a crew of 45 people. The first batch of ships built in China was equipped with simpler sea search radars and artillery fire control radars. The weapons were only two Chinese H/PJ17 single 30mm guns. However, the ship has a modular design that allows for the modification of larger caliber guns, missiles, torpedoes, and cloth/sweeping equipment at any time. At the defense show, European companies also sold Malaysia’s 120mm ship-borne mortar module to the ship, but Ma Guojun did not express interest.

According to previous reports, the first batch of four Bohai mission ships, the Malaysian Navy originally planned to spend 1.17 billion ringgit (1.95 billion yuan), in addition to the first two built-in Wuhan, China, the latter two will be built in Malaysia. However, since 2018, the Malaysian Ministry of National Defense has vigorously saved money and conducted a comprehensive review of the Navy’s transformation plan. After review, the construction plan of the warships was substantially revised, and all of them were built in Wuhan, China. Therefore, the cost of shipbuilding was reduced to RM1.048 billion (1.75 billion yuan). The cost of each warship is reduced from 487 million yuan ($71 million) to 437 million yuan ($64 million), and the construction progress will be greatly advanced.

According to the tradition of the Malaysian Navy, subsequent ships generally managed to build in their home country. However, according to this practice, all ships will be built in China, each of which can save 7 million US dollars, then all 18 LMS in the future will save more than 100 million US dollars, the number is considerable.

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