China has become Germany’s most important trading partner

China has become Germany's most important trading partner

2017 is the European election year, experienced the British hard off Europe, is currently experiencing France, Germany, the Netherlands and other major European countries in the general election, Black Swan seems ready to come out. In the United States, the other side of the ocean, since Trump came to power, around the trade, tariffs and a series of views and measures for the global trade freedom enveloped a shadow.

In this period of time to move the whole body, Germany as one of the major European countries, what is the current economic and trade position? In the country there is a tendency to self-care, protectionism rise, trade freedom is threatened the moment, Germany will make any choice?

Sino-German bilateral trade has increased every year, last year is a substantial more than 170 billion US dollars, setting a new record. Since 2010, China has been ranked in the top three or four of Germany’s most important trading partners. In 2016, China has become Germany’s most important trading partner. This shows that the two economies are developing steadily.

Germany is a country that relies on exports, so we advocate free trade; we also know that Germany’s prosperity also depends on foreign investment in us. These are unquestionable. So Germany will maintain an open attitude. But we will require more trade partners to give reciprocity.

Germany’s economic structure is not the same as any other country. As the German economic backbone of the German small and medium enterprises, is to promote the greatest strength of innovation. Compared to the short-term results or the interests of shareholders, they are more consider the long-term interests. Many of these enterprises are ancestors inherited the family business, value product quality and corporate reputation. Many of which are the leaders of the global market, because they are at the forefront of innovation.

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