China imports live donkeys from Kazakhstan for the first time

China imports live donkeys from Kazakhstan for the first time

27th, Jimnai Customs, which belongs to the customs, successfully completed the import procedures for 98 live donkeys from Kazakhstan on the 27th. This is the first time that China has imported live donkeys from Kazakhstan. The import of live donkeys will become a new bright spot for foreign trade at northern Xinjiang ports.

Before the entry of these live donkeys, the General Administration of Customs of China assigned two veterinary officers to Kazakhstan to carry out pre-inspection tasks. After passing the pre-inspection, the live donkeys arrived at the Jimunai port after 5 days of transportation. The Jimunai Customs was responsible for verification, inspection, and verification. Quarantine supervision during the quarantine. Live donkeys have been quarantined for about 100 hours at the temporary live isolation farm in Kaerjiao County, Jimuna County. After passing the “physical examination”, they are slaughtered and transported to Henan and other places for sale. They are mainly used for food and Ejiao processing.

In recent years, as China has vigorously promoted the import of livestock products from the five Central Asian countries, the import of live animals has continued to increase. As China’s first company to import live donkeys from Kazakhstan, the head of Xinjiang Black Walking Horse International Trade Co., Ltd. said that the company has obtained a quarantine permit for the import of 500 live donkeys. Import of live donkeys and horses for slaughter.

In order to ensure the smooth clearance of the batch of live donkeys, the Jimunai Customs set up an import donkey quarantine working group to formulate a quarantine and quarantine supervision plan in advance, and do a good job of preparing quarantine and inspection related equipment and protective supplies; supervising the quarantine site 10 days before the donkey slaughter entered Effective disinfection 3 times, and effective fumigation treatment of forage. During the quarantine of imported donkeys, inspection and quarantine personnel also performed sampling blood sampling and on-site clinical quarantine on live donkeys.

Yao Wu, Commissioner of Customs of Jimunai Customs, said that before the live donkeys imported from Xinjiang ports were imported from Kyrgyzstan, the import of live donkeys from Kazakhstan further enriched the domestic meat consumer market and was conducive to driving Xinjiang’s agricultural and sideline products processing, circulation and trade. development of. In order to better serve the local economic development, service enterprises, and promote the normalization and sustainability of live animal imports, Jimenai Customs has adopted rapid customs clearance measures in response to the special conditions of live animal products to overcome the unfavorable factors of low temperature of -20 ° C and wind and snow. The immigration and entry quarantine of immigrant animals should be properly controlled to maximize the survival rate and reduce the loss of enterprises.

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