China is the EU’s largest import trading partner

China is the EU's largest import trading partner

The Eurostat website released data on May 22, saying that in 2017, China is the EU’s largest import trading partner. The EU imports from China account for 20% of its total imports from outside the region. It is also the EU’s second largest export market, accounting for the EU. 11% of total exports outside the region. The United States, which ranks first, accounts for 20%.

Whether in the EU or China, machines and vehicles, chemicals and other manufactured goods dominate the import and export of both parties. These manufactured goods accounted for 85% of EU exports and 97% of imports from China. Cars are the EU’s most exported products to China, while telecommunications equipment is the main product imported by the EU from China. Among the EU countries, the Netherlands imported the most from China in 2017, with 83 billion euros, and Germany exported the most to China with 87 billion euros.

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