China prohibits export restrictions on export technology directory


Engineering General Technology

01, vacuum technology

02, acoustic engineering technology

02 mapping technology

01, geodetic technology

02, map mapping technology

03, precision engineering measurement technology

Earthquake Monitoring Technology

01, seismic observation equipment production technology

Meteorological technology

01, thunderstorm detection and alarm technology

Geotechnical Engineering

01, geophysical exploration technology

02, geochemical exploration technology

03, geological prospecting and exploration technology

04, oil and gas field exploration technology (see oil category)

Medical Technology

01, Chinese medicine medical technology

02, diving medical support technology

Drug Production Technology

01, biotechnology drug production technology

02, chemical synthesis and semi-synthetic drug production technology

03, natural medicine production technology

04, pharmaceutical excipients and intermediates preparation technology

Chinese Traditional Medicine Production Technology

01, Chinese herbal medicine resources and production technology

02, Chinese medicine formula and production technology

03, Chinese medicine Pieces processing technology

Manufacture of Medical and Health Equipment

01, medical diagnostic equipment and equipment manufacturing technology

02, medical treatment equipment and equipment manufacturing technology

03, medical materials and products production technology

Agricultural Technology

01, Crops (including pasture) varieties and their breeding techniques

02, economic crop varieties, breeding and processing technology

03, agricultural machinery manufacturing technology

04, chemical pesticide production technology (see chemical category)

05, biological pesticide production technology (see chemical category)

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

01, animal husbandry varieties and their breeding technology

02, livestock and poultry feed and veterinary production regulator production technology

03, livestock products processing technology

04, silkworm variety, breeding and cocoon collection processing and utilization technology

05, bee varieties, breeding and bee product collection, processing and utilization technology

06, veterinary drug production technology

07, veterinary health quarantine technology

Aquatic Technology

01, aquatic species and their breeding techniques

02, aquatic disease prevention and control technology

03, aquatic products processing technology

Measurement Technology

01, metering, standard manufacturing and value transfer technology

02, measurement test technology

Engineering Materials Manufacturing Technology

01, amorphous inorganic non-metallic materials production technology

02, ceramic material production technology

03, refractory production technology

04, low-dimensional inorganic non-metallic materials production technology

05, artificial crystal growth and processing technology

06, metal matrix composite materials production technology

07, inorganic non-metallic matrix composite materials production technology

08, polymer-based composite materials production technology

09, metal materials manufacturing technology (see metallurgy, ship, aviation, aerospace category)

10, organic polymer materials manufacturing technology (see chemical category)

Mining Engineering Technology

01, mine construction technology

02, Mining Engineering Technology

03, beneficiation engineering technology

04, drilling engineering technology

05, mine equipment, equipment manufacturing technology

06, mine products production, processing and utilization technology

Oil and Gas Development Engineering Technology

01, Oil and Gas Field Exploration Technology

02, oil and gas wells drilling process

03, oil drilling equipment manufacturing technology

04, oil, natural gas gathering and transportation technology

Metallurgical Engineering Technology

Metallurgical Technology of Iron and Steel

02, nonferrous metal metallurgy technology

03, rare earth extraction, processing, use of technology

04, amorphous, microcrystalline metal metallurgy technology

05, rolling processing technology

06, metallurgical refractory production technology

07, metallurgical equipment, equipment manufacturing technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

01, casting technology

02, heat treatment technology

03, general equipment manufacturing technology

04, general parts manufacturing technology

20 instrumentation, instrumentation technology

01, thermal measurement instruments, instrument manufacturing technology

02, mechanical quantity measuring instruments, instrument manufacturing technology

03, non-destructive testing technology

04, material testing machine and instrument manufacturing technology

05, timing equipment manufacturing technology

06, precision instrument manufacturing technology

Power Engineering Technology

01, gas turbine manufacturing technology

02, Turbine Manufacturing Technology

03, internal combustion engine manufacturing technology

04, boiler manufacturing and combustion technology

05, refrigeration and low temperature engineering technology

22 nuclear technology (announced separately)

Electrotechnical Technology

01, electrical materials production technology

02, wire and cable manufacturing technology

03, motor production and control technology

04, battery manufacturing technology

05, electrical manufacturing technology

06, electrical measurement technology

Electric Power Engineering Technology

Thermal Power Engineering Technology

Hydropower Engineering Technology

03, transmission line construction and maintenance technology

04, transmission and distribution and power grid control technology

05, nuclear power technology (see nuclear technology category)

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