China’s agricultural import and export trade for the first time in six years with the current negative growth

China's agricultural import and export trade for the first time in six years with the current negative growth

2015 is China’s agricultural machinery import and export trade in the past six years a more bleak year.

Although the trade volume is not the lowest in six years, but this year, both imports and exports of agricultural machinery negative growth, which had to let us be alert.

In 2015, the import and export of agricultural machinery increased year on year to the inflection point. Customs statistics show that last year the cumulative import and export volume of 12.444 billion US dollars, down 4.63%. 3.5 percentage points lower than the national machinery industry. The trade surplus of 7.894 billion US dollars, down 2.35%. The agricultural machinery import and export trade situation in one fell swoop pushed to the minus “freezing point”, refresh the low growth rate of exports of new records. In 2016, agricultural exports are facing a more complex situation, the export trade situation is still in the doldrums, is expected to slightly better than 2015 but it is difficult to have substantial changes, but the agricultural machinery imports will continue to run along the slippery channel, agricultural import and export trade inflection point has Present.

Agricultural export trade out of the new low. From the agricultural machinery export trend analysis, 2015 agricultural export market hit the worst performance in six years. Customs statistics show that the annual export trade volume of 10.166 billion US dollars, down 3.8%, higher than the machinery industry 0.4 percentage points.

Back from 2010 to 2015, China’s agricultural export trend characteristics, can be described as ups and downs. In 2011, agricultural machinery exports rose sharply, up 29.7%; after 2012, 2013 year-on-year growth rate fell to single digits, but showed a resumption of growth characteristics, in 2014 once again double-digit high ground. 2015 again fell into negative growth channel.

Agricultural machinery imports stumble endlessly. From 2015 agricultural machinery import market analysis, customs statistics show that the cumulative annual imports of 2.28 billion US dollars, down 8.3%, lower than the machinery industry 5.3 percentage points. From 2010 to 2015, the import market trend of six years, after a substantial growth in 2011, year on year growth rate continued to run low, 2014, 2015, the market for two consecutive years of negative growth.

In 2015, in the world economic slowdown, foreign demand sluggish circumstances, the global agricultural machinery production overcapacity led to international trade contraction, agricultural commodity prices decline in cliffs, which is an important reason for China’s agricultural trade decline. While the global agricultural trade in 2015 are rapidly declining, among the global trade volume, the decline in China’s agricultural machinery is the lowest.

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