China’s construction machinery industry trade surplus continues to increase

China's construction machinery industry trade surplus continues to increase

Industry research data show that in 2012, China’s construction machinery industry to complete the industrial output value of 6,018.34 billion yuan, an increase of 0.59%; finished sales output of 5,915.71 billion yuan, an increase of 1.85%; production and marketing rate of 98.29%.

After a long period of development, China’s construction machinery industry has a considerable size and technical level, can produce close to and reach the international leading level of products, and appeared in the international community to enjoy a certain reputation of the brand, the industry basically formed a complete Of the system, in addition to special large-scale construction machinery, the production of domestic engineering needs to produce 20 categories of products, more than 280 series, more than 1,700 varieties, more than 4,000 specifications.

In 2013, the construction machinery exports all the way to sing, greatly boosted the industry confidence. Leading enterprises Xugong internationalization process contrarian speed, exports over five years totaled 4.22 billion US dollars, the scale of exports to maintain the domestic industry first, to become China’s “going out” benchmark.

In 2014, the construction machinery industry product output growth year on year, in addition to compaction machinery production growth rate remained double-digit growth of 13.92%, the other products are negative growth in production.

The first half of 2015, China’s total imports and exports of construction machinery products 8.497 billion US dollars, down 3.5%. Which exports 7.154 billion US dollars, unchanged from the same period last year, imports 1.343 billion US dollars, down 18.5%. Construction machinery trade surplus of $ 5.811 billion.

At present, China has surpassed the United States, Japan, Europe to become the world’s largest construction machinery market, which means that investors are good investment opportunities, large-scale infrastructure construction, the development of national strategic emerging industries, will be direct Driving the construction machinery market continues to develop.

“13th Five-Year Plan” period, the steady upward of the Chinese economy for the development of the construction machinery industry to provide an important and sustained motivation to benefit from this, coupled with the ability of enterprises and comprehensive competitiveness of the continuous improvement of China’s construction machinery industry will continue to remain high Operation, according to China’s construction machinery industry, “thirteen five” development plan, by 2020, the industry sales scale is expected to reach 900 billion yuan.

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