China’s cross-border export e-commerce scale grows at an average annual rate of more than 30%

China's cross-border export e-commerce scale grows at an average annual rate of more than 30%

As the global Internet penetration rate climbs, the rapid growth of Internet users has brought online migration of offline consumption, and the online shopping experience has further stimulated consumer demand. Statistics show that by 2021, the global online retail market is expected to exceed 4.8 trillion US dollars, accounting for 17.5% of the global retail market.

The reporter learned from the 2019 cross-border open-day event held recently that China’s cross-border export e-commerce scale has grown at an average annual rate of more than 30%, much higher than the growth rate of foreign trade exports during the same period. It has become a new format and new kinetic energy for China’s international trade. . In 2018, China’s cross-border e-commerce retail exports reached 1.26 trillion RMB, accounting for 7.7% of foreign trade exports.

In a keynote speech, CEO Guodong Pan said that in recent years, it has not always been facing the B-end market, providing high-quality and efficient services for cross-border e-commerce and small-scale enterprises worldwide, and has achieved rapid growth in cross-border collections. In 2018, the cross-border collection of GMV increased by 1242% year-on-year, and active stores increased by 682%.

According to the “2019 China Cross-border E-Commerce Financial Services Ecology Research Report” of the Yibang Power Research Institute, the penetration rate of cross-border payment brands increased by 35.9% in 2018, and the proportion of third-party collection tool brand penetration rate continued to increase. 52.7%, brand penetration and growth rate ranked first in the industry.

It is reported that in the second half of this year, successive payments will be opened to the government affairs area, and through cooperation with cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas across the country, authoritative information release and policy interpretation, organization and planning of large-scale cross-border e-commerce conferences, comprehensive test area parks and Investing in and other functions to support the development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

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