China’s electric motorcycle exports are hot

China's electric motorcycle exports are hot

China now is the worlds largest exporter of two-wheeled electric motorcycles, with production and sales accounting for more than 90% of the world’s total. Since March this year, not only in China, but also two-wheeled electric motorcycle exports have also seen rapid growth.

In the logistics and transportation area of the Wuxi production base of Yadea electric vehicles, the reporter learned that the daily shipment volume here is about 11,000 units, compared with less than 6,000 units in the same period last year, and the shipment volume has doubled year-on-year.

The staff told reporters that there are currently 3 lines working in the packing area at the same time, and the workload has increased a lot than usual. In the nearby production workshop, more than ten production lines are under intense operation. The person in charge told the reporter that due to the increase in domestic and foreign demand in recent months, the production capacity of the base has doubled.

Zhou Chao, senior vice president of Yadea Group: The number has increased to 12 lines on the basis of 6 lines last year. It is expected that two-wheelers will still be just-needed transportation products in the future, and the market will continue to explode. We currently have 12 lines. Production capacity has basically doubled from last year.

At the Mavericks Electric Vehicle R&D Center in Shanghai, there are dozens of vehicles of various colors. The person in charge told the reporter that the company’s electric motorcycle export business has grown rapidly. Most of the core R&D personnel come from multinational companies such as Microsoft and BMW. The price of export products is concentrated in 10,000 to 30,000 yuan. In the European and American markets, Chinese electric bicycles and high-power Chinese electric motorcycles and other mid- to high-end products are the most popular.

The person in charge told reporters that the European electric motorcycle market has been in a period of rapid growth in recent years, superimposed on the impact of this year’s epidemic. In order to encourage safe travel, some countries have successively introduced subsidies for China’s electric motorcycle exports, which further stimulated China’s electric motorcycle exports. Sales.

Mavericks Electric founder Hu Yilin: The entire European market is recovering, and it even indicates an explosive growth. Last year, overseas accounted for 14.9% of the overall sales, and the data for the first quarter of this year was 28.9%, which is a big increase.

Gao Hui, President of Special Vehicles and International Business Unit of Emma Technology Group: In particular, the European market has made some subsidies for Chinese electric motorcycle exports. For markets such as Switzerland and Germany, we have enjoyed some subsidies from relevant consumer policies. It played a very important role in increasing sales.

Wang Jiazhong, Senior Vice President of Yadi Group: The Netherlands has the most subsidies, accounting for more than 30% of the purchase amount, and other countries also account for more than 20% of the subsidies.

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