China’s first import of Venezuelan P. vannamei products

China's first import of Venezuelan P. vannamei products

The reporter learned from Guangdong Zhanjiang Customs on the 25th that frozen South American white shrimp products weighing 49 tons and imported from Venezuela successfully cleared customs at Zhanjiang Port recently. It is understood that the value of this batch of shrimp products is about 1.466 million yuan, which is the first time that China has imported Venezuelan South American white shrimp products.

According to the introduction of Zhanjiang Customs, in order to ensure the smooth clearance of this batch of products, Zhanjiang Customs detailedly reviewed the product’s access status, registration status of overseas production enterprises, official health certificate version and other information, and carefully verified the authenticity of the certificate and the cabinet number of the product during on-site inspection Wait for the information of the goods and take samples for inspection, and comprehensively test the items such as animal disease and veterinary drug residues to ensure the safety and quality of the first imported products.

Zhanjiang Customs stated that Zhanjiang is China’s largest market for aquaculture, processing, and export of aquatic products, and has been awarded “China’s Capital of Shrimp”. In recent years, imports of shrimp products at Zhanjiang Port have increased significantly, mostly from India, Ecuador, Vietnam, and other countries. The smooth import of Venezuelan P. vannamei products will further enrich the source of China ’s imported shrimp products, and form healthy competition with other trading countries, increasing the supply of high-quality shrimp products in China.

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