China’s high-end equipment manufacturing expands overseas market

China's high-end equipment manufacturing expands overseas market

On August 21, two earth pressure balance shield machines designed and manufactured by China Railway Equipment Group were successfully launched. The equipment will be applied to the CITYRINGEN – Branch off to Sydhavnen CRSH1 subway project in Copenhagen. It is the first time that China has independently developed the shield machine for export to the Nordic countries. It has further expanded the “One Belt, One Road” circle of friends in China’s high-end equipment manufacturing.

The project belongs to the extension line of Copenhagen Sydhaven subway line. It is a double-hole double-line tunnel with a total length of 4.3 kilometers. The main stratum is limestone with a minimum turning radius of 249 meters and a maximum tunnel slope of 6%. Two units are used. Tunneling with a 5.81m diameter earth pressure balance shield machine. The CITYRINGEN Metro Link connects Copenhagen’s southern harbor area, the emerging urban development and the rest of the city, and its construction can greatly improve public transport in Copenhagen.

Denmark is recognized as a high standard and strict system in Europe. The project contractor TUNN3L is composed of two world-class civil contractors Vinci and Hochtief. It not only requires high equipment production standards but also proposes the humanized design and safety design. Demanding improvements. China Railway Equipment adheres to the customer-centered design concept and customizes the products. The trailer adopts a double-layer layout, which effectively shortens the length of the whole machine. It greatly improves the construction process chain design, the reserved safe passage, and the design of special material passages. The safety and comfort of the equipment truly realize the dream of the customer’s full custom shield machine.

As an active practitioner of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, China Railway Equipment has continuously seized the commanding heights of the world’s roadheader technology. Its products have been exported to 19 countries and regions including Singapore, UAE, Italy and France, with more than 50 shield/TBM equipment. The development and construction of underground space contributes to China’s wisdom and China’s programs.

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