China’s service trade ushered in the great development of gold opportunities

China's service trade ushered in the great development of gold opportunities

China’s patented product export platform has officially released to the “Internet + foreign trade + patent” model to promote the Chinese patent “going out”. This is another big leap in China as an intellectual property power, indicating that China’s intellectual property is stepping up “going out”.

Li Gang, vice president of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the news conference of the 2017 Global Service Trade Conference held recently, in recent years, as a “green foreign trade” trade in services showed a rapid growth for the smooth development of foreign trade and national economic growth An important contribution.

According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, the first half of this year, China’s imports and exports of services to achieve double-digit growth, import and export volume of 2287.74 billion RMB, an increase of 12.9%; last year, China’s total import and export services for the first time exceeded 5 trillion RMB, an increase of 14.2% , Accounting for the proportion of total foreign trade to further increase to about 18%; and then back to the “second Five-Year” period, China’s import and export service growth of 15.7% per year, the world ranking from the “Eleventh Five” second.

The rapid development of China’s service trade is inseparable from the great development of global trade in services. The world economy has entered the era of service economy, international service trade has gradually become a new field of international trade in the 21st century. Despite the severe international economic and financial situation, the slowdown in the development of global trade in services, the momentum of rapid trade shift from trade in goods to trade in services has not changed.

In the China (Hainan) Institute of Reform and Development, Chi Fulin, service trade began to become the focus of the global free trade process, the focus of global trade investment rules are accelerating from the field of trade to trade in the field of trade. It can be said that the level of liberalization of trade in services will be affected to a greater extent and determine the process and pattern of global and regional free trade. Trade in services has become an important part of bilateral, multilateral trade and investment agreements negotiations, and the weight is getting heavier.

At present, the service sector accounts for 70% of the total world economy, the proportion of the major developed economies is nearly 80%. The cross-border investment in the service sector accounts for nearly two-thirds of the global cross-border investment. The proportion of trade in services is about five one.

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