Chinese market helps Thai fruit farmers

Chinese market helps Thai fruit farmers

Like most countries in the world, Thailand’s economy has been severely affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Thai officials predict that this year’s economy will experience negative growth of more than 5%. But unexpectedly, Thailand fruit export represented by durian is unique, driven by the strong demand from overseas markets such as China, Thailand fruit export has a gratifying situation in which the volume and price increase, and Thai fruit farmers are profitable and the epidemic The economic crisis during this period is expected to be resolved.

Thailand’s “Sing Siam Daily” recently interviewed a durian planter in Ban Na Sheng District, Surat Thani. Mr. Song Cha, 68, said that durian farmers originally thought that a new pneumonia outbreak in China would cause durian prices to fall this year. However, unexpectedly, the travel ban on tourists has increased durian orders. In addition, drought has caused a slight decline in durian production this year. Buyer competition is very fierce. Many fruit exporters have contracted all the fruits in the durian garden. Exported to China, so the price of durian increased a lot. Prior to the peak season, the purchase price of durian per kilogram could only be sold to 70 baht per kilogram, but now the price has risen to nearly 100 baht. This year’s durian market prices have made durian fruit farmers happy.

Data from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand also proves this point. In the first four months of this year, Thai durian exports to China amounted to US$567 million, up 78%, and total exports reached US$788 million, up 30%. Thailand has become the world’s largest exporter of durian. Ms. Oramon, Director of the International Trade Negotiation Office of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, believes that the sharp rise in durian exports is related to the free trade agreement signed between the Thailand and many countries. Many countries have canceled the import tariffs on Thai exports, giving durian more opportunities Export to other countries.

In order to further allow Thai agricultural products to enter thousands of households in China and to the Chinese people’s dining table, Thailand International Trade Promotion Agency also organized promotion activities of Thai fruits, Thai food and Thai beverages with Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall in June, including the most popular Chinese people love durian, mangosteen, coconut and other fruits and other Thai food.

On June 9, Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Zhu Lin personally walked into the Tmall live broadcast platform and brought goods in the most fashionable way in China, live sales of Thai fruits and Thai food. During the live broadcast, Zhu Lin and the internet celebrity anchor “Sydney” cooperated in a tacit and relaxed atmosphere. On the live broadcast, Zhu Lin also showed the audience how to strip mangosteen. According to statistics from Tmall, the number of viewers exceeded 15 million within 15 minutes of the live broadcast. In the first week of the “618” promotion, 350,000 coconuts and 4 million mangosteens were sold.

Zhu Lin said that as the Minister of Commerce, he has the responsibility to become the leader of the “Thailand Salesman”. This is his first international live broadcast event, and he hopes that Chinese customers can learn about Thai specialty fruit products through their live broadcasts, thereby enhancing the popularity of Thai products in China.

“I am very happy to be able to conduct live broadcasts on behalf of farmers throughout Thailand. I am also happy to have such an opportunity to sell high-quality Thai fruits to Chinese friends. China is one of the most important markets for Thai products. As for everyone’s satisfaction with my live broadcast, we also need to ask the Chinese friends who watched the live broadcast, hoping to get the support of the Chinese friends.” said the Thai Deputy Prime Minister of Hainan, China. Zhu Lin said that such a live broadcast of fruit sales activities have great opportunities for development. After the outbreak, he will visit China and will bring Thai fruits and products to major cities in China for promotion.

Zhu Lin pointed out that the Thai government attaches great importance to promoting trade between China and Thailand through cross-border e-commerce platforms. During the epidemic, the export volume of Thai products sold through cross-border e-commerce platforms has been steadily increasing. He believes that online shopping is more in line with the lifestyle of the post-epidemic era, and it is expected that the cross-border e-commerce trade between China and Thailand will continue to grow in the future.

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