Cuba produces less than 500,000 tons of sugar this year

Cuba produces less than 500,000 tons of sugar this year

Havana, May 25th, according to the Cuban newspaper Granma, Cuba’s iconic sugar industry harvested only half of what was expected this year, hitting a new low in more than 100 years since 1908. This is another example for Cuba, which is already in economic crisis. A major blow.

Granma newspaper reported that Cuba’s sugar production in the 2021/2022 crop season only reached 52% of the expected target for this crop season, producing only 474,000 tons of sugar, about half of the 800,000 tons in the previous crop season. worst level ever.

According to a spokesman for Cuba’s state-run sugar company Azcuba, the production shortfall is largely due to a lack of inputs, including oxygen for sugar production, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel and spare parts for factory machinery, among others.

“Financial factors are one of the factors that have the greatest impact on the outcome of the reduction in Cuban sugar production, which has been exacerbated by the strengthening of the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba by the United States government,” the Granma newspaper reported.

For a long time, the sugar industry has been the pride of Cuba. According to the editor of Sugar Network, Cuba used to be known as the “World Sugar Bowl” in the past few decades. In 1989, at its peak, Cuba produced 8 million tons of sugar. The sugar industry was once the pride of Cuba, vital to its rum production and boosting the country’s foreign exchange and vast rural employment.

Cuban Economy Minister said in December last year that Cuba plans to produce 911,000 tons of sugar this year, of which 500,000 tons will be used for domestic consumption and the rest for export.

In the past few decades, Cuba has exported 400,000 tons of sugar to China every year. This is a long-term agreement between Cuba and China as a socialist country. However, Cuba’s output of 470,000 tons this season is obviously no longer able to export to China. , according to the editor of, in September 2021, China also imported 30,000 tons of sugar to Cuba. In 2021, China imported 210,000 tons of Cuban sugar, which failed to reach the total agreement of 400,000 tons. Judging from the sugar production of less than 500,000 tons in this season, Cuba is no longer able to export to China.