Endless bay will officially incorporate high quality raw materials from China into the procurement strategy

Endless bay will officially incorporate high quality raw materials from China into the procurement strategy

Endlessbay, a high-end American home textile brand, has announced that it has officially incorporated China’s high-quality raw materials into its global strategy. The endlessbay American home originated in California, USA, its company management team has many years of experience in supplying bedding products for luxury hotels and airlines in first class and business class.

This is another important strategic move released by endlessbay following the announcement of its entry into the Chinese market last month. At present, the two raw materials that endlessbay purchases in China are long-staple cotton from Xinjiang and northeast white goose down.

“Endlessbay has always been committed to the purpose of creating international high-end quality home textiles. The selection of materials is very particular, and we purchase high-quality raw materials from the world’s best producing areas on a global scale.” Fred Zhao, director of global operations of endlessbay American Home, said, “China is the exporter of the textile industry. Great countries, from the beginning of the creation of endlessbay, we began to purchase and use China’s high-quality raw materials. This time we decided to position China as one of our important procurement bases, but also hope to introduce China’s high-quality raw materials to more consumers. To benefit more people who care about quality life.”

China is one of the world’s largest cotton producers. Its Xinjiang long-staple cotton has the characteristics of long fiber, white luster and good elasticity. It is called the boutique of cotton. From the various quality indicators of cotton, Xinjiang long-staple cotton can be compared with Egyptian cotton and pima cotton, which is known as the world’s top cotton. Endlessbay cotton products are made from Xinjiang long-staple cotton, including four-piece suits cotton, cotton wash quilts and duvet quilt covers, etc.

China is also one of the countries producing the best quality goose down in the world, especially in the Heilongjiang region, on the banks of the Songhua River under the Changbai Mountain, it is recognized as the “down gold belt” in the world at 43 degrees north latitude. This area has a large temperature difference. The cold days in the whole year are more than 190 days. The goose down is high in fluff, good in hand feeling, warm and hygroscopic, especially suitable for high-end bedding and clothes. Endlessbay’s down products are all made of northeast white goose down, with a cashmere content of 90% and a bulkiness of over 700.

Fred added: “There is an old saying in China that good horses should be equipped with good saddles. Endlessbay not only carefully selects high-quality materials, but also ensures that all of our products are dyed and weaved in the industry’s authoritative and environmentally-certified factories, safe and environmentally friendly. Our products are reserved. The unique craftsmanship that has been passed down for centuries and the new design concept of professional designers in the industry is the perfect combination of ancient French techniques and modern aesthetics.”

Endlessbay American Home WeChat public number and micro mall have been online recently and have received extensive attention and praise.

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