Equipment from China’s largest vaccine factory in Africa shipped

Equipment from China's largest vaccine factory in Africa shipped

The “Pilecki” ship of China-Polish Shipping Co., Ltd., carrying a complete set of equipment for China’s export of vaccines to Morocco, set sail from Shanghai Luojing Wharf to Morocco on the 8th.

According to reports, after the ship arrives at the port of Casablanca, Morocco, the goods will be transported from the port to the destination at the fastest speed through “direct unloading and direct delivery” for assembly. As China’s largest vaccine factory exported to Africa, the factory is expected to achieve local production of more than 20 vaccines (including 3 new crown vaccines) in Africa after the completion of the factory, which can meet the vaccine needs of more than 60% of the entire African population.

The project has a total of nearly 40,000 cubic meters, including 118 large-scale factory module equipment, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, nearly 1.5 standard football fields, and has high requirements for transportation quality, large shipment volume, and delivery time. Short and other stringent requirements. Headquartered in Shanghai, China-Poland, a company with a history of more than 70 years, provided the project with “door-to-door” logistics services from the Shanghai factory to the Moroccan vaccine factory in Casablanca.

During the delivery period of the project, it was under the sealing and control management in Shanghai. In the face of the severe epidemic challenge, Zhongbo Company made careful deployment and overall planning for epidemic prevention and control and production and operation. , ports, shipyards and relevant competent authorities cooperate closely to ensure that this “hard-core project” made in Shanghai will be shipped on schedule, safely and efficiently.

It is worth mentioning that this project is the maiden voyage of the “Pilecki” ship. “Pilecki” is the third of the four 62,000-dwt multi-purpose heavy lift vessels ordered by China-Poland, and is currently the world’s largest multi-purpose heavy lift vessel by its deadweight tonnage. With the joint efforts of all parties, “Pilecki” successfully completed various tasks such as new ship construction, crew boarding, ship trial voyage, spare parts and material supply, and was successfully delivered on April 20 under the difficult situation of the epidemic.