FedEx ships 1.8 billion masks worldwide

FedEx ships 1.8 billion masks worldwide

Since the epidemic, FedEx has shipped more than 46,000 tons of personal protective equipment worldwide. Between February and September, it shipped 1.8 billion masks, of which more than 1 billion were exported from China, and 8475 shipments were shipped globally. Humanitarian aid supplies. This is what the reporter learned at the 2020 China Development Forum held not long ago.

FedEx Group Chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith said in a video connection at this annual meeting that since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a huge impact on the global social and economic order. As a key link in global trade and transportation, FedEx has always been involved in the front line of operations, working with customers in China and the United States to deliver a large number of emergency medical supplies and personal protective equipment to all over the world, strengthening the close connection of global trade during the epidemic And benefit.

Shi Weide believes that the next focus will be the transportation of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine, which is critical to public health and global economic recovery. He said, “The transportation of vaccines and related materials will become the top priority of the FedEx transportation network. We are making every effort to prepare for the transportation of vaccines.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has an extraordinary impact on the global economy. Shi Weide believes that the epidemic has accelerated the reorganization and diversification of global supply chains that have been overly dependent on a single supplier. As some countries continue to encourage manufacturing companies to return to their home countries, reduce national security risks, improve self-sufficiency, and shorten supply chains. May continue to develop. The epidemic has also accelerated the changes in consumer preferences and digital transformations that have already occurred before the epidemic, such as the explosive growth of e-commerce. According to the recent FedEx Trade Index statistics, 74% of small business owners in the United States believe that technology can improve the consumer experience. It is very important to their company’s recovery. More importantly, the vast majority of American small business owners still broadly support global trade, seeing it as an opportunity for economic growth, job creation, and new markets. Although the epidemic and global protectionism have risen and brought many challenges, globalization and trade will surely continue to achieve growth and prosperity. I am confident about this.

Shi Weide also said in his speech at the forum, “Looking forward to the post-epidemic era, we know that establishing a stable and rule-based trading system and relaxing market access will help continue to improve living standards and help countries and companies achieve common prosperity.

FedEx firmly believes that cooperation is the best way to promote shared prosperity and inclusive growth. Schweider said that FedEx will continue to propose to the new US government to develop a constructive and mutually beneficial trade relationship between the United States and China. FedEx will always be committed to serving Chinese customers with higher quality standards, reliability and integrity.