Ford canceled the plan which import Fox crossovers from China

Ford canceled the plan which import Fox crossovers from China

Ford Motor Company announced on Friday that it had canceled its plan to import the Fox Active Crossover from China due to the cost of the trade war upgrade. The Fox crossover was supposed to replace the US Ford, as Ford is phasing out passenger cars and shifting production to pickups and SUN. The Ford Crossover is scheduled to go on sale in the late summer of 2019.

Ford North America President Ge Weihua said on Friday: Basically, it depends on how we configure our resources. Any project we are working on requires resources – engineering resources, capital resources. Our resources can be better utilized at this stage.

Ford said the Trump headquarters had a direct impact on the tariffs imposed on Chinese products and the threat of more products. Ge Weihua said: We continuously monitor these products and monitor all external forces that may change the business situation. What is important is that tariffs have increased.

Ge Weihua said that Ford must evaluate the profitability of each product. He explained that the car’s sales in the United States are expected to be “very small” – less than 50,000 vehicles a year.

Christina, vice president of industrial, labor and economic affairs at the Ann Arbor Automotive Research Center in Michigan, said: This is the first of many cars that could disappear from the US market. Threatening or levying a 20% to 25% tariff – a high tariff – will limit consumer choice and increase US prices.

Automakers only import a small number of models from China to the United States, including some Volvo cars and General Motors’ Buick Angkor. However, many models have been imported from Europe, and although there are reports that the EU is preparing to cut these tariffs comprehensively, the tariff threat in Europe still exists.

Sullivan, product analysis manager at carmaker Pacific Motors, said that President Trump’s war on the auto industry is triggering a subconscious reaction that will only result in higher costs and less consumer choice.

Ford recently announced plans to phase out passenger cars such as Fox, Carnival, and Taurus in the United States. Ge Yuhua said on Friday that the carnival will last until 2019, and this integration will continue for some time.

Ge Weihua said that the Fox crossover is the only car that Ford plans to import from China to the United States. Considering the low quantity and tariffs, it is meaningless at higher tariff rates. It is difficult to predict that these tariffs will be How far to go.

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