Gansu Longnan apple juice exported to Venezuela

Gansu Longnan apple juice exported to Venezuela

China News Network Lanzhou, January 8th (Wei Shanshan) Lanzhou Customs announced on the 8th that recently, 3,000 boxes of “Tetra Pak” apple juice produced by a company in Longnan City, Gansu Province, worth 31,200 RMB have passed the customs clearance. The affiliated Tianshui Customs passed the inspection and passed smoothly to Venezuela. This is the first time that Gansu apple juice has been exported as a “terminal” retail product.

Gansu Province is one of China’s major apple production and marketing provinces, especially Tianshui Huaniu Apple, which is known as the world’s three famous apple brands with the same reputation as American snake fruit and Japanese Fuji. On average, more than 80% of the province’s apples are exported every year.

According to reports, in order to assist the smooth export of the “Tetra Pak” apple juice produced by Longnan Great Wall Juice Beverage Co., Ltd., Tianshui Customs, a subsidiary of Lanzhou Customs, has strengthened supervision to guide enterprises to improve the quality management system, ensure the quality and safety of export products, and increase international competitiveness.

At the same time, Tianshui Customs took the initiative to contact the enterprises to explain the reform measures of “separation of licenses and licenses” for the export food production enterprises, and instructed the enterprises to take only two hours from the filing of application for filing to the application for certificates; As a result, the company achieved a smooth export within 9 working days after the company filed an application for filing. The customs clearance time of the company was significantly reduced, and it really enjoyed the “bonus” of reform.

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