General Provisions on Trade in Services

General Provisions on Trade in Services

Tourism is the basis of tourism trade, to enhance the competitiveness of China’s tourism trade, we must vigorously develop the tourism industry. According to Michael Porter’s theory of competitive advantage, the international competitiveness of a country’s industry depends on four basic factors: factors of production, demand conditions, related and auxiliary industry conditions, the competitive conditions of enterprises and two supporting factors: government and opportunities. Only around these elements to develop relevant policies and measures in order to enhance the competitiveness of China’s tourism services trade. 1. Make full use of and integrate China’s natural resources and human resources, to further improve the quality of personnel, to achieve optimal use of resource intensive. For the tourism industry, the most important resource endowment lies in the natural resources and humanities (historical and cultural) resources, if these resources are unique, the formation of a natural monopoly; in this sense, “the more the more national Cosmopolitan “in the tourism industry is meaningful. China is a civilized country with five thousand years of civilization history, and is the terrain and ecological types of the most abundant power, so we have the development of tourism and tourism services trade good natural resources and human resources conditions. From the quantitative point of view, only the UNESCO World Heritage List 2000 listed 690 world heritage, China accounted for 72, ranking third in the world; from the structural point of view, China’s development of tourism, natural resources and humanities Resources and has obvious diversity and differences, but also has a strong historical accumulation. All of which reflect our country in the international tourism market has great potential for competition, we should be a good excavation and integration of these advantages.

Tourism management has the following provisions:

(1) Travel destination approval requirements.

(2) Travel agencies operating abroad travel business conditions.

(3) During the operation without major violations and major quality of service issues.

(4) The administrative department of tourism to suspend or cancel the travel business qualification requirements.

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