Guangdong Financial High – tech Zone: integration into Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District financial services trade system

Guangdong Financial High - tech Zone: integration into Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District financial services trade system

On the 5th anniversary of the meeting, the high-tech spot was held at the core of the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, which was not only the construction of Foshan characteristic town and the financial innovation. Big event, it is Foshan into Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay, the financial innovation of a major initiative, “Hong Kong + Foshan” one of the 11 key projects.Town, the opening of the day, the mayor of the South China Sea Gu Yaohui said in the promotion, 3 years, Qiandenghu venture capital registered local investment, the total size of equity investment funds to reach 50 billion yuan, five years and strive to reach 70 billion yuan, Foshan “Wall Street”. At the same time, China Venture Capital Research Institute, Guangdong Province Venture Capital Association and the South China Sea signed a cooperation framework agreement, Guangdong Branch Finance, deep venture capital, IDG and a number of projects officially settled in venture capital town.Qiandenghu venture capital town is located in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone C District, east Huacui North Road, west to Gui Lan Road, south to Foping Road, north to the sea five road, covers an area of ??about 1.8 square kilometers. Among them, the focus on building the start area, the first phase to be invested 270 million yuan, 2018 Spring Festival for the completion of the core area of ??the transformation work. According to the construction plan, Qiandenghu venture capital town will focus on all kinds of large and medium-sized fund institutions and related services, “the core of the Fund”, and various types of fund institutions, venture capital derivatives and related services “Incubation core”. At present, Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone has reached 180 private equity investment projects, registered and raised capital of over 32.6 billion yuan, accounting for the total number of financial high-tech zones and the proportion of total investment of more than 50%.

As China’s manufacturing industry, Foshan, the real economy is huge, and full of vitality, Foshan is a solid national base of the economy stand. Lu Yi in the report clearly, to implement large-scale backbone enterprises to cultivate projects to support enterprises bigger and stronger to do a good job, the formation of a number of international competitiveness and influence of large-scale backbone enterprises. Support “special new special” small and medium-sized micro-enterprise development, in-depth mining and cultivate a number of niche market invisible champion.

In fact, to develop and expand the enterprise, financial leverage is very important, because of this, Foshan, the financial industry is very clear, is the “service real economy.” Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone for 8 consecutive years held financial, science and technology, industry integration and innovation talks, it is accurate to the Foshan industry characteristics, help enterprises innovation and development.

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