High-tech product exports have accounted for 30% of national exports

High-tech product exports have accounted for 30% of national exports

The press conference of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a press conference on the morning of March 9. Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, Vice Minister of Commerce, Deputy Representative of International Trade Negotiation Wang Shouwen and Vice Minister of Commerce Qian Keming answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on issues of “promoted the formation of a strong domestic market related to promoting all-round opening up.

In response to the request in this year’s government work report that China’s foreign trade should be stabilized and upgraded in 2019, Zhong Shan said that the trade situation in China last year was very complicated and severe, and there were many uncertainties and uncertainties. However, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, China’s foreign trade has achieved scale expansion and quality improvement, and achieved good results. Last year, China’s total import and export volume reached US$4.62 trillion, a record high.

“In the past year, China’s foreign trade has increased to more than 510 billion US dollars. I also looked at the global foreign trade rankings, and our increment is equivalent to the total amount of the world’s 20th largest trading nation. In addition to the expansion of scale, more important is the improvement of quality. In particular, the export of high-tech products has grown rapidly, and the export of high-tech products has accounted for 30% of the country’s foreign trade exports. China’s first trading power has become more consolidated, and the process of building a strong trade country is accelerating.” Zhong Shan said.

Regarding the request for “stable and quality improvement” in the government work report, Zhong Shan said that the three tasks of “stable scale, quality improvement and rotational force” should be done. “First of all, we must stabilize the scale of our current development and stabilize our market. We will implement the central government’s stable foreign trade policy measures, such as exporting credit insurance, financing and credit, trade facilitation, etc., and effectively reduce the burden on foreign trade enterprises. At the same time, we must stabilize the main body and create a good environment and enhance the development confidence of all kinds of enterprises. We must stabilize the market, promote the ‘One Belt, One Road’ international cooperation, optimize the international market layout, consolidate the traditional market, and continuously explore emerging markets.”

The second aspect is to improve quality. Zhong Shan pointed out that China’s foreign trade is still large but not strong. The key point is to encourage the export of high-tech, high-quality and high-value-added products and enhance its position in the global value chain. “Five years ago, China’s passenger cars, especially small passenger cars, had a small number of exports and low prices. After five years of hard work, there has been a marked improvement. Five years ago, the average unit price of each of our small passenger cars was $8,000, and now it has exceeded 12,000 US dollars.”

The last aspect is the rotational force. Innovation is the first driving force for development, and foreign trade development depends on innovation. We must support enterprise technology innovation, system innovation, management innovation, and translate these innovation advantages into export competitive advantages. We must also encourage the development of new trade formats and new models, continuously cultivate new advantages in foreign trade competition, and promote the leap of China’s foreign trade from large to strong.

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