How China’s mechanical and electrical products enter the UK market


In order to further expand the domestic market of mechanical and electrical products in the UK, the export of domestic mechanical and electrical products must strive to achieve the following:

  1. Taking technological innovation as an important driving force for the continuous growth of export of electromechanical products, paying attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, striving to improve the quality and technological content of export electromechanical products, increase investment in research and development, and attach importance to the development of new products and high value-added products and knowledge. The application of property rights, increase advertising investment, and vigorously cultivate famous brand products.
  2. Emphasis on and development of national brands, production, organization and management in accordance with market rules and professional requirements, through brand planning, dissemination, implementation and management. Strengthen and improve after-sales service, improve the credibility of export commodities, and strive to provide a good social environment for the creation, protection and cultivation of brand-name products.
  3. Actively and steadily implement the strategy of going global, implement a comprehensive and diversified market with key cities and key breakthroughs, and invest in driving exports; strive to combine import and export with overseas investment, foreign aid, foreign contracted projects and labor cooperation. To expand the UK market in an all-round way. 4. Enterprises should cooperate with relevant departments of the domestic government, especially the foreign business offices, strengthen cooperation, establish and improve information communication channels, create conditions for enterprises to open up markets, and strengthen cooperation between relevant government departments and enterprises. A resolute response to the EU’s discriminatory anti-dumping policy.
  4. The UK’s electronic information industry is a dominant industry. The Mainland can appropriately strengthen cooperation with the UK in this field and contribute to the development of bilateral trade in mechanical and electrical products.

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