How does china reaction for trade barriers

How does china reaction for trade barriers

(1)Actively promote the transformation of foreign trade growth mode, and strive to build a harmonious world

With the relevant countries to develop and seek win-win situation is China’s development of foreign trade, the basic principles and objectives. We should strive to improve the quality and technical level of our country’s products, promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading of enterprises, optimize the structure of import and export commodities, effectively protect intellectual property rights, promote the coordinated development of import and export trade, make full use of the international and domestic markets, The use of economic globalization and regional cooperation to provide a variety of favorable conditions in a wider range, wider areas, a higher level to participate in international economic and technological cooperation and competition, and promote national modernization.

(2)Actively and properly deal with trade barriers

China’s population, employment pressure contradictions will exist for a long time. Through the development of foreign trade to promote economic development, increase employment, we must long-term adherence to the principle. To this end, we must be soberly aware of the serious impact of trade barriers, the violation of WTO and other bilateral rules and principles of improper practices and international trade distortions and obstacles to the policy measures to actively engage in negotiations to achieve the elimination of barriers Purpose, to maintain a fair and equitable world economy, trade order.

(3)Improve the mechanism to prevent and resolve trade barriers

We should make full use of the existing civil and semi-official semi-public dialogue mechanism, do the work of the relevant national intermediary organizations and interest groups, through independent consultation and cooperation, to play its influence on the attitude of its own government, The government’s policy toward China, in the other side of the trade barriers before the introduction of measures to prevent and prevent the work. While strengthening intergovernmental dialogue and consultation, in the framework of the Bilateral Economic and Trade Committee on a number of major, principled issues on a regular basis. But also to strengthen the publicity, and guide domestic and foreign media positive and objective publicity and interpretation of China’s bilateral economic and trade cooperation policy, that we “cooperate for peace, cooperation and development, cooperation to resolve disputes” position and attitude, to eliminate the National government and industry concerns and some misunderstanding.

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