How much does it cost to send products from Japan to China?

How much does it cost to send products from Japan to China?

First, Japan to China courier services are:

1, TNT Japan to pick up the entire territory to China. (Chinese guests declare themselves, or small sample cargo TNT to help express clearance)

2, TNT Japan pick up the whole territory to Hong Kong. (Hong Kong Free Trade Port, except cigarettes, wine outside the general duty-free goods)

3, such as mechanical parts without 3C, we can Japan to Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong Express declaration to Shenzhen, China, transit to the domestic address.

4, Japan can come pick up as large as: Japan Tokyo, Japan Hokkaido, Japan rock hand tools, Japan Fukushima with Japanese Nagano, Japan, Hiroshima, Japan, Grand Palace, Japan Aichi

Second, Japan to China Express time reference:

1, Japan to Hong Kong Express TNT economic courier service 2-4 days

2, Japan to China express non-stop direct flights to major cities in China 3-5 days to reach

3, Japan by Hong Kong transit common goods clearance to Shenzhen 8-10 days for reference

Third, on Japan’s postage to China

1, Japan direct flight to China Express 28 yuan / KG, the stage price, small parts more expensive, large cargo, tons of good price.

2, Japan to Hong Kong Express, 22 yuan / KG, (weight sub-price, 21 kg from the shipment)

3, Japan to Hong Kong to Shenzhen package clearance, 22 yuan / KG + Hong Kong to Shenzhen according to different goods prices + Shenzhen to the domestic address costs.

Fourth. How to order a single operation in Japan to China Express

1, Contact us Wanshunhang business personnel, fill in the Japanese orders for the import orders, providing commercial invoices.

2, Japan TNT take the initiative to contact the sender, pick up the door.

3, TNT official website to track the entire cargo.

4, Hong Kong to Shenzhen clearance section, you need to ask customer service staff separately check the progress.

Fifth, Japan to China Express Note

1, the volume weight and the actual weight which according to which charges, (volume weight = length * width * height cm / 5000)

2, the goods if you do not buy insurance, the maximum compensation 10USD / KG or 100USD / KG / votes, the maximum does not exceed the value. If the value of the goods is relatively high, it is advisable to buy commercial insurance on their own.

3, Japan is more people transport items: Japanese white chocolate, Japanese industrial parts, Japanese animation toys, Japanese skin care products, health products, health drinks, Japan’s household furniture, gear and so on.

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