How to Establish the Competitive Evaluation System of China’s Service Trade

How to Establish the Competitive Evaluation System of China's Service Trade

Throughout the development of the service industry in developed countries, with the development of economy, the relationship between service industry and industry has become increasingly close, that is, the demand for service industry is more and more from industrial production, not from the residents’ consumption. Developed countries in the post-industrial era, one of the important features of their service industry change is that the services provided for the production process are constantly separated from within the enterprise and become a new industry – productive services. The service industry refers to the service industry which provides the intermediate service directly or indirectly to the production process. It involves the mutual transmission and management of information collection, processing and exchange. The service object is mainly the business organization and the management organization, Including warehousing, logistics, intermediary, advertising and market research, information consulting, law, exhibition, taxation, auditing, real estate, scientific research and comprehensive technical services, labor training, engineering and product maintenance and after-sales service. Productive services are not directly involved in production or material conversion, but are indispensable for any industrial production. The productive service industry has become the pillar industry of many western developed countries, and has become more and more prominent in the world economic development and international competition. China has always been in the service industry and industry, all kinds of large and small enterprises in addition to the production sector, are more or less have their own service system, such as accounting, market research, logistics, advertising and so on. In developed countries, these are the tasks that should be addressed by externalized, specialized special services. China’s service industry itself due to the capital, technology and other conditions, more to stay in meet consumer demand for food and other low-level, it is difficult to provide high-quality social services to the community. However, in recent years, the rising service outsourcing, providing specialized production services enterprises continue to appear, the production of services has made some development.

China’s productive services industry is still in its infancy, relatively lagging behind. China’s service industry to enter the excessive consumption of residential areas, low-tech consumer services industry as the main force of the development of the service industry, and modern industrial development needs of the production service industry has not been due development. This will restrict China’s economic restructuring and industrial upgrading of the pace, seriously weakening the international competitiveness of China’s trade in services. The competitive advantage of the service trade in the developed countries is mainly reflected in the highly specialized and highly skilled service industries. It can be seen that increasing the service industry from the consumer services to the production of services to the intensity of the transformation, and to make productive services continue to be separated from within the enterprise, China’s future service industry should become the main direction of development.

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