How to import goods from China in USA

How to import goods from China in USA

1, Choose a product to be imported. The first step in successful import is to choose the right product. This is much more difficult than simply choosing the cheapest item or the highest price of the item. Some of the guidelines that should be followed when selecting a product include:

Choose one of your favorite products. Passion will make you motivated, and this is infectious, and when others see your passion, it is easier to like your product.

Consider transportation costs. Products that can be transported in large quantities may be much cheaper than those that can not be transported in large quantities. Carefully consider the size of your product and how much goods can you carry in a single shipment.

Consider the uniqueness of the product. If the product is not so unique, you will have the risk of having someone else to start mass production.

2, Take a list of Chinese exporters, or suppliers who can provide you with products. You can find suppliers through an online outsourcing directory or a professional sourcing company.

3, Contact each supplier on your list. Once you have a list of exporters, you can start by consulting to narrow the range to find the right supplier for you. What you want each exporter to offer you includes:

Customer recommendation. A reputable supplier should be able to provide you with proof and recommendation. Once they offer, to confirm the authenticity!

Business license information. You want to be sure that any company that has a business deal with you is legally licensed and will follow all applicable trade regulations to avoid future legal problems that affect your business.

Means of production and personnel information. To confirm that you understand the relationship between exporters and manufacturers, for example, they are not their own production products, if not, they are not also to the manufacturer to receive a commission, or they only work for you

The name and address of the factory producing this product. If the exporter refuses to provide you with the name and address of the product manufacturer, it may not be a trusted supplier.

About this factory in the production of your product experience in this information. In choosing a supplier, the cost is not the only thing to consider, the quality is equally important, and the manufacturer’s experience can be fine to explain the quality of the work.

Product samples. Unless you want to produce your own new product, the supplier should be able to provide you with a sample of the product in order to better understand its quality and know in advance why you pay for it.

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