How to import used machinery and equipment?

How to import used machinery and equipment

To the factors, I would like to have the following aspects:

1. One-sided that the country only encouraged exports, and imports is a limited limit, never allow Chinese companies or their own foreign equipment, and if only into the foreign high-tech equipment, new machines;

2. One-sided that the old equipment import tax must pay a high, in addition to tariffs and pay other taxes, so feel uneconomical, would rather spend more than buy two or three domestic equipment, refused to introduce foreign high-skilled old equipment;

3. One-sided that the old equipment import procedures over fee, and more to deal with some of the difficulty coefficient is too large, so give up;

4. Some of the company’s customs officers to operate the business is too simple, single, did not deal with a little messy business, fear of trouble, risk, so mislead the company leader.

5. There are some non-standard import and export companies on the mall, after a non-standard method of operation, to help the company to deal with the temporary question, so give the company a misunderstanding that the old equipment so simple and cost-effective operation. In fact, the 2007 practice case is the blood of the experience, before taking this road accounted for a point of cheap companies, in this year to suffer a big loss, to say nothing else.

6.Shopping malls can operate the old equipment to regulate imports and strength, there are too few planned import and export companies, resulting in the blindness of shopping malls. The above is the analysis of the status of the old equipment imports.

According to my years of operating the old equipment import experience, the old equipment import operations are summarized as follows:

1. Old equipment is fully able to import, import must be looking for professional, planned import and export company Acting operation, must not blindly;

2. Old equipment imports and new equipment import operation process is almost the same to pay customs duties, there is no other that there are other taxes paid. Even according to the company’s own situation, there may be exempt from state taxes;

3. Do not trust the so-called cost all-inclusive, Hong Kong delivery, the mainland delivery, a cabinet how much money all-inclusive operation method. If the technical doubts doubt, vague, can not supply norms, told the import company think twice, do not greedy small cheap, and suffered a major loss;

4. Import the old equipment import companies must be strictly in accordance with the request of the import and export companies to provide real, complete materials, can not rely on their own one-sided volunteer, free to modify or modify the real information to avoid the formation of unnecessary trouble, must be in the import and export company’s Under the guidance of.

Attached to the old equipment import operation process:

First to clarify the Chinese name, use, and then identify the customs code, check the regulatory conditions (customs code on the information may not be the latest, the best on the China International Tendering Network to check whether the need to do import license, is to the local request Or to the Ministry of Commerce to request); together, to the importer of the location of the Commodity Inspection Bureau of the case, stamp and then to the provincial bureau of the case, the remaining things the provincial staff will help you end;

And then told the foreign goods sent to Hong Kong, pre-shipment inspection is also called the seizure, there are two: one in Hong Kong to do the inspection, the inspection did not doubt the goods sent to the import company designated terminal clearance; Check the company in foreign countries to do the inspection, of course, the inspection fee and the cost of inspection in Hong Kong is almost the same, but the inspection staff to foreign factories to check the air ticket, travel will find you reimbursement. So, in the inspection did not doubt, the goods can be sent directly to the customs clearance company designated terminal clearance.

After the goods arrived at the terminal, the customs clearance company or the acting company to the location of the commodity inspection bureau filing, inspection, Dongguan Commodity Inspection Bureau will open an internal contact list, the organization of personnel to the terminal location of the staff to check the goods, the old equipment is basically a hundred Sub-hundred will check the goods.

After the commodity inspection, go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau of the window to do business inspection and customs clearance, customs declaration with the commodity inspection alone to the customs declaration.

Then, the Customs will review the single, the value of the goods to be evaluated, the trial price, by the trial base of the experts to end the value of goods from the customs to set. Often the situation, the customs trial price will be greater than or equal to the purchase price, and less than the mall price. So, if there is an import agency that can decide the customs trial price, there are only two possible, one, he is not professional, that he does not understand the customs law; Second, to clarify his intention to scare you. Because he wants to pick up your single. Sometimes, the value of the goods on the customs can not make a distinction, can not immediately tax a single, and manufacturers are anxious to goods, in this situation, usually will adopt the way to pay the deposit, also known as the customs trial price of the beginning of the tax After the deposit, the original deposit will be returned to the customs, the exchange of formal tax; sometimes pay the status of the tax, such as the owner has two words, the demand for the procurement of equipment, the new equipment The original test, such as still can not be handled to the customs to monitor some requests for administrative reconsideration.

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