How to import used machines

How to import used machines

Used Machines are:

1. Unused but stored for too long over the quality assurance period of mechanical and electrical products

2. Electromechanical products that are not used but are stored for too long to produce significant loss of type.

3. Old and new parts mixed with mechanical and electrical products

4. Large-scale second-hand equipment

There are many companies do not do second-hand equipment imported documents in the case of rashly second-hand equipment shipped to China, the goods arrived in Hong Kong when the declaration was reminded by the customs, documents missing, unable to declare, resulting in a large number of enterprises in the terminal ship Company rent, cabinet rent, customs fines. Can not be normal declaration can not be cleared or even allow enterprises to plan the time to complete the layout, unable to start the situation.

Emergency treatment plan: apply for return to Hong Kong (shipping country or Hong Kong) – for pre-inspection record – apply for Hong Kong in the inspection of this program takes about 25 days.


1, First of all, should determine the customs code of imported equipment (commodity code), because only to get accurate customs code, to determine the conditions of import equipment, that is, to determine the automatic import license is approved by the Ministry of Commerce, or provincial or local Approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

2, The next thing to be done is to prepare the information, began to do the old equipment for import inspection.

3, The goods to the Hong Kong terminal, according to the terminal for a single, pick up, do pre-shipment inspection.

4, After the completion of the inspection, the goods temporarily I Division Hong Kong warehouse, and then apply for automatic import license (approval), where it takes 20 working days.

5, The license to get, that is, to the shipping company positions, renters. According to the Hong Kong port – inland port barges.

6, Get the customs clearance, you can report off the single, the declaration of action, from the customs audit, trial price, if there is no accident, the declaration of this link takes 4 working days, you can pay tax, tax, release.

Used machinery import process is as follows:.

1, Second-hand machinery for the record, the “import of old mechanical and electrical products pre-shipment record book” (Guangdong Bureau or the State Bureau of the card)

2, Foreign inspection, the “import of old mechanical and electrical products before shipment inspection certificate” (foreign inspection agencies (China Inspection Co., Ltd.)

3, Replacement, the “import of old mechanical and electrical products pre-shipment inspection certificate” (Guangdong Bureau or the State Bureau of the card)

4, Import declaration.

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