How to improve the competence of enterprise trading service

How to improve the competence of enterprise trading service

In the rapid development of science and technology today, enterprise innovation accelerates its pace and product is increasingly perfect in market. The role of price and product itself in trading is changing. On the one hand, customers get price more easily, so enterprise are more difficult to implement price war; on the other hand, low price will always produce more low-quality good. Therefore, with the arrival of the service era, trading service has replaced the new focus of competition for price and product.

How to improve the competency of enterprise trading service? From the perspective of sales, as Prof. Robert J. Johnston answered, for sales need to keep in mind four point including the promise 2.provide personal touch 3.enthusiatic to provide help, not afraid of trouble with customer’s issues and consulting. So sales should improve their working efficiency on personalized product design, order production, online customer service and traditional after-service. Besides, as far as authorities of enterprise is concerned, they should do two things. First, to fully authorize their employees through internal training to strength their overall awareness of job knowledge and adaptability that make organization spiritual. Secondly, whether each employee’s work subjective is initiative depends on whether enterprise has to stimulate employees to provide quality services to cultural atmosphere of company. If so, good service could leave good impression on customers so relation between customer and enterprise is closer, which becomes more feasible for customer to solve the question or problem about product.

Generally speaking, only the employee keeps their customer in heart and take care of trifles will consider the quality service. For enterprise, through the warm quality service to enhance customer’s subjective psychological awareness, this loyal customer relationship can not copy by other competitor, thus enterprise can have a strong competitive edge in the long run.

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