How to Improve the International Competitiveness of China’s Tourism Service Trade

How to Improve the International Competitiveness of China's Tourism Service Trade

Since 1997, the total import and export volume of China’s tourism services trade has continued to expand. In addition to the slight decline in tourism in China, the total trade volume of tourism services in China has been showing a clear upward trend. Although there has been a trade deficit in recent years, and the gap gradually widened, Exports since 1997, exports have been greater than imports, tourism trade has been the performance of the surplus. But since 2009, the import and export balance began to be negative, China’s tourism services trade began to show the deficit, and the deficit is growing. From the status point of view, tourism trade in China’s trade in services occupy a very important position , Tourism trade in services to China’s overall development of trade plays a decisive role.

The development of tourism products should adhere to the concept of sustainable development and innovation. In dealing with the development and maintenance of this contradiction, we must be clear: tourism resources, especially non-renewable resources can not be destroyed once destroyed, so we should also adhere to the development of international tourism sustainable people-oriented unity, Carrying capacity to carry out international tourism service trade.

To increase tourism human resources development and management, tourism professional education level. We have to change the traditional talent training mode and concept, according to the development of China’s tourism industry, the needs of talent, and gradually establish and improve a set of both international tourism talent training model, to adapt to China’s national conditions of tourism human resources development and management mechanism, So that the supply of tourism human resources in terms of quantity, structure and quality can be basically adapted to China’s tourism industry for further development and international competition needs.

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