How to Increase the Competitive Advantage of Machinery and Equipment Export

How to Increase the Competitive Advantage of Machinery and Equipment Export

Since the accession to the WTO, China’s exports of machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment exports experienced a process from scratch, has been gradually increased flat process, most of the time, machinery and equipment enterprises to focus on domestic production equipment, Construction machinery and equipment, mining machinery and equipment. The past two years, the domestic market downturn, some machinery and equipment enterprises began to target the international market.

What are the countries and regions where machinery and equipment are exported

At present, in addition to Brazil, India, the current foreign equipment market is better than the domestic market, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, these areas are the main market.

The overall situation, the relative domestic market, the foreign trend is more optimistic, has been showing growth.

The future, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises should enhance the direction of efforts:

First, a solid basic skills, good research and development and innovation

Equipment manufacturing enterprises, should encourage innovation, encourage research and development and manufacturing, increase the introduction of outstanding professionals and training, and constantly looking for equipment to improve and improve the innovative program, never meet the current situation, the new equipment to better design Available.

In addition, we must vigorously introduce advanced technology in developed countries, and Europe and the United States to carry out a variety of cooperation, the establishment of an advantageous professional R & D team, research and development, testing, product application research, funding should be new scientific and technological research to increase investment , But not blindly expand production capacity.

Second, take the initiative to broaden the overseas equipment market

In addition to the traditional participation in foreign exhibitions and the establishment of overseas sales base, but also through the Internet tools to find the needs of enterprises, cross-border electricity and cross-border B2B hot in progress, Part of the large demand enterprises even in the “overseas plant + overseas sales” of the new model, and some even set up in foreign service center, you can achieve the local staff to solve the problem in time to run the equipment.

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