In May, the overall customs clearance time for Chinese exports was compressed to less than 3 hours

In May, the overall customs clearance time for Chinese exports was compressed to less than 3 hours

The latest data released by the General Administration of Customs of China on the 25th showed that the overall customs clearance time for imports across the country in May was 38.93 hours, and the overall customs clearance time for exports was 2.12 hours, a reduction of 60.03% and 82.74% respectively from 2017.

In many places, the import and export clearance time has been significantly reduced. At Tianjin Customs, the time it takes for companies to import containers has been reduced from the original 1-2 days to 1.5 hours; the overall customs clearance time for seaborne exports has been reduced from 8.51 hours in January 2019 to 0.88 hours in March this year. Under the “ship-side direct-lift” mode at Shenzhen Port, the time from unloading to lift-off is reduced from 4-6 hours to 5-8 minutes, and the staying time at the “direct-loading at the port” port is reduced from 3-4 days to 2 hours.

The customs clearance process is also more electronic. According to official data, the regulatory documents that need to be verified in China’s import and export links have been streamlined from 86 in 2017 to 41, a decrease of 52.3%. Among these 41 types of supervision certificates, 38 types of certificates are all applied online and processed online. All supervision certificates are automatically compared and checked in the customs clearance process, and enterprises do not need to submit paper supervision certificates to the customs.

In Shanghai, due to the promotion of the appointment declaration function, enterprises have eliminated the time for waiting and checking manifests; Shenzhen Port has realized paperless export operations in the whole process, and basically realized paperless import bills of lading; Guangzhou has promoted the construction and application of the world’s first multinational application project of maritime e-certificates, ships on international voyages can complete import and export inspection procedures through a “single window”.

The increasingly convenient customs clearance provides favorable conditions for the continuous growth of imports and exports. Official data show that in May this year, China’s total import and export value increased by 26.9% year-on-year, of which exports increased by 18.1% and imports increased by 39.5%.