India badminton scarce national team training is a problem

India badminton scarce national team training is a problem

As the Indian government banned the import of goods from China, India’s badminton supply was cut off.

According to Indian media reports, many distributors of badminton supplies in India said that the stock of badminton equipment has been in a hurry. In fact, this situation has started in July. A distributor said that his last replenishment was in June.

“90% of the world’s badminton is made in China, and the purchase of raw materials basically comes from China. This is actually a monopoly. As the Indian government currently prohibits imports from China, badminton is basically unable to be supplied.”

The head coach of the Indian national badminton team Gobi Chand said that if this situation is not improved, the training of the Indian national team will be affected. “We haven’t received the balls for the Tangyu Cup. We are using inventory now. If we can’t get the balls in the future, training will be interrupted.”

Many badminton academies and training points in India are currently supported by inventory and old balls, or seeking a small amount of overseas purchasing agents, but this is obviously not a solution to the problem.

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