India plans to restrict imports of copper and aluminum from China

India plans to restrict imports of copper and aluminum from China

Reuters quoted two government sources and an industry official as saying on September 10 that India plans to strengthen its control on copper and aluminum imports and restrict imports from China and other Asian countries to protect domestic manufacturers.

Sources predict that copper and aluminum will be included in the list of restricted items. The Indian government will require importers to register with relevant departments and issue separate licenses for the import of copper and aluminum, so that each batch of importers must obtain government approval. The permit can be released.

A government official said: “This kind of screening will allow them to obtain enough data to determine which metals are dumped in their own countries, thereby helping to formulate policies, such as which metals should be included in the restricted list.”

According to a letter sent by the Indian Ministry of Mines to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the purpose of increasing control this time is to promote economic self-reliance. Reuters pointed out that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also advocated reducing imports and increasing the added value of exports.

Due to the sensitivity of the news, the source refused to reveal his name. India’s Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry also did not respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.

According to data from the Indian government, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand are the main sources of Indian copper imports. In the previous year, copper from these five Asian countries accounted for 45% of India’s total copper imports.

Aluminum also faces hostility from local Indian producers. According to Reuters, India’s largest mining lobby group, Secretary General of the Indian Mining Federation, Bhatia, stated that “China poses a huge threat to India’s aluminum industry.”

Regarding India’s crazy “touching porcelain”, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out on September 3: “China and India are two ancient civilizations. The exchanges and mutual learning between the two countries have lasted for thousands of years. We hope that India can Proceeding from the friendship between the two peoples and their long-term interests, and actively supporting bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields, we think the Indian people should have such cultural self-confidence.”

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