India ready to export wheat to cover global shortage

India ready to export wheat to cover global shortage

According to satellite news agency New Delhi on April 26, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that India can act as a wheat exporter to make up for the global shortage due to the situation in Ukraine.

Speaking at the Resina Dialogue Forum in New Delhi, Jaishankar said: “One of the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine has been reflected in energy prices, food shortages and food inflation. India can intervene in agricultural exports, especially wheat, to change the current situation.”

Jaishankar noted that India is now “trying to figure out how we can supply more wheat to cover the global shortage.”

“Of course, there are some WTO restrictions, but the situation at this time is very special. We hope the WTO sees it that way,” Jaishankar said.

Last week, Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation reportedly approved India as a source of wheat imports. A range of food prices in Egypt also started to rise in March after the crisis in Ukraine caused global prices to rise. The Egyptian cabinet issued a decree for this, imposing price controls not only on subsidized bread but also on non-subsidized bread. In addition, the Egyptian government has banned the export of all kinds of edible oils, corn, wheat, flour and beans, as well as a range of other products, for a period of three months. Russia is Egypt’s main wheat supplier. Before the conflict began, Cairo also imported large quantities of food from Ukraine.

According to Thomson Ferry, a spokesman for the United Nations World Food Program, the conflict in Ukraine could lead to higher global food prices and global hunger.